RESIDENTS in a sheltered housing complex claim their health is being put at risk.

People living in Creasy Court, in The Nazeing, Vange, have been complaining about poor living conditions for the past five years, but still find themselves surrounded by mould and severe damp.

One resident, who is currently being treated in Basildon Hospital, has been told by doctors she has damp spores on her lungs caused by inhaling mould.

The sheltered housing complex, run by Housing and Care 21, used to have a court manager who would deal with problems, but she went off sick 12 months ago and has never returned or been replaced.

Cheryl Collinson, 74, and husband Edwin, 66, moved into their one-bedroom flat in Creasy Court three years ago.

Part of their £500-a-month rent is meant to pay for the support of a court manager, but they have found themselves fighting a losing battle with the head office of the national organisation.

Mrs Collinson said: “Everyone here has got problems. In winter time, the damp gets really bad.

One flat was so mouldy the couple had to move out.

“Every time we complain, we get told they are looking into it, but nothing seems to happen.

It’s hard because we know it will just lead to more problems if it doesn’t get sorted.

“When we first moved in to Creasy Court we thought it was beautiful. We like living here because it’s really sociable and we love our neighbours, but we’re worried about how this could affect our health.”

Creasy Court, which has 32 self-contained flats and a communal lounge and garden, is designed for over-55s.

Resident David McKay, 68, who has lived in the sheltered housing complex for eight years, suffers from lung condition emphysema.

He said: “We have just had to buy a new bed because it was so mouldy and the cupboard in our hallway stinks because it is so damp. We’ve got dehumidifiers and they fill up with water so quickly.

“We’ve lived here for eight years and for the best part of that we have been trying to get the problem sorted. Housing and Care 21 put up false ceilings, but all that has done is hide the problem.”


THE problems at Creasy Court have been blamed on bad weather and the age of the building.
Housing and Care 21 are currently working on a long-term solution, and have promised to keep in contact with residents.
Pete Wylie, spokesman for Housing and Care 21, said: “We are aware of the damp and mould problems affecting a small number of flats on Creasy Court.
“Due in part to the age and nature of the building, this is a complex issue that has been further
exacerbated by the bad weather we’ve had this year.
“Housing and Care 21 always strives to provide the highest possible quality of accommodation
to our tenants.
“We are working hard to provide a solution which fits the particular requirements of this type – and age – of building.”