IDENTICAL twins have become an internet sensation after making a video about their effort to shed nearly 19 stone.

Niki and Sammy Albon, 22, have become YouTube hits with their mixture of creative, comedic and inspiring videos.

With 38,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel “NikiNSammy”, their weekly exploits have attracted more than one million views.

Their “weight loss and confidence”

video about their efforts to lose nearly 19 stone saw them go from 18,000 subscribers to 26,000 in three days.

The twins created the channel after graduating from Roehampton University and now the boys make enough money to keep the channel going alongside their part-time jobs.

Niki, the eldest by 18 minutes, said: “I created my channel and did a few videos. Sammy joined in with one of them and it went really well.

“From there we decided to work on a channel together and it has all gone from there.”

The former Castle View schoolboys now create three videos a week from the comfort of their bedroom as well as working part-time and hope to break into TV and radio.

Niki said: “We started watching YouTube when we were 15, so we’ve grown up with it.

“We do comedy, talk about different topics, go to cutaways of us doing things. We play hyper-realistic versions of ourselves and it just seems to be growing.”

The hardworking twins invested more than £1,000 into filming equipment and lighting.

Niki said: “We are very dedicated and hard working. It helps there are two of us to share the workload.

“We make the most of the fact we are from Essex and are identical twins. We unintentionally complement one another and it is a permanent collaboration.

“Our family must wonder what’s going on sometimes as we do argue a lot over the videos, but we always have. Working on three a week we just have to be very inventive.”

The boy’s mum Jacqueline, a hairdresser, dad Darren,a mechanic and their younger brother and sister are all proud of the channel. Niki said: “They are all very excited about it and it has just got bigger.”

With channel merchandise flying off the shelves, the twins hope to have 100,000 subscribers to their channel in the next year.

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