A NEIGHBOUR from hell has finally been evicted from her flat after a year-long fight with Basildon Council.

Sara Penlington has been permanently barred from her council flat at 118 Clay Hill Road, Basildon, after she made her neighbours’ lives a misery by alleged drug dealing and wild parties.

The council managed to get a court order this week which means she cannot return.

It is the end of a year-long wrangle for the council, which has been fighting to permanently remove her since last August.

Phil Turner, leader of Basildon Council, said: “The neighbours of Miss Penlington have had to endure so much but this judgment brings closure to the situation and they can all finally move on and get on with their lives in peace."

Miss Penlington was initially chucked out of the home last August after the council got a six month order.

They managed to get an extension to the order in March, which has meant she has not been allowed to return.

But they could not ban her from returning permanently without the court order, which they got from Southend County Court on Wednesday.