ONE lucky student is looking forward to a stress-free first year at university after his college paid his tuition fees.

Max Sedlacek, 18, from Chalkwell, will have fewer financial worries while studying economics at City University London, thanks to Seevic College.

The Thundersley college launched the scheme last September for one A-Level student to win £9,000.

Students had to achieve 100 per cent attendance, complete homework on time, do extra curricular activities and take part in classes.

The college had 30 students who met the criteria and Max’s name was picked out of a hat.

Max, who got two A*s in business studies and economics and three As in law, politics and general studies, said: “I was flabbergasted when I was told it wasme.

“I knew there were a lot of people in the running for it.

“Money was definitely a concern when I applied for uni although it didn’t put me off because I always wanted to go.

“Now I know first year will be fine.”

Max already has a loan to cover his tuition fees so will be spreading the £9,000 from the college out across the three years to buy books and pay off tuition in later years.

Principal Nick Spenceley said the money was all about offering students an incentive to do the best they could.

He said: “When I started here, I really wanted to reinforce student attendance and competition.

“This scheme wasn’t just about people getting the best grades, but about them achieving the very best they could individually.

“Max was just one of about 30 students who met the criteria, but it was him who was chosen randomly.

“Higher education is an expensive business and hopefully this will help Max.

“It’s very encouraging to see his effort rewarded.”

Mr Spenceley said this year’s scheme, starting next month, would have a similar amount of money up for grabs, but it would be spread out between several students.

He said: “Wewant to open it up so more students can benefit, so smaller scholarships and pockets of money will be available.”