CAMERAS to stop boy racers using Canvey as a racetrack are finally to be installed – ten months after they were meant to go up.

Residents have been facing two years of misery because hundreds of drivers speed up and down Roscommon Way late at night.

They were told in January CCTV cameras would be brought in so the culprits could be identified.

However, due to health and safety red tape they will only be installed next week.

Residents said they are continuously calling the police.

Billy Baxter, 25, of Canvey, said: “It has been a nightmare. I’ve called police four times this week as the summer holidays have caused more to head here.

“Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are awful with the racers using the length of Roscommon Way as a race track from 7pm onwards.

“Although the road is not near homes the noise echoes across Canvey.

“If the road is a no go after 7pm why don't we just shut it off with a barrier or, even though I hate them, speed bump the road?”

Two CCTV cameras will be installed on Tuesday in Roscommon Way. They will be put on lamp posts after a health and safety survey was carried out by Essex County Council and found they could carry their weight.


RESIDENTS have faced two years of misery due to the boy racers.

Drivers with souped-up engines have been meeting at Morrisons on Canvey, before performing wheel spins and tricks on the £18.5 million extension to Roscommon Way.

Essex Police has been calling for footage of the racers since January 2013. In January, Essex County Council revealed it was looking to spend £10,000 on two CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and deter them.

However, in February health and safety rules meant a full assessment had to be carried out to make sure they could carry the weight.

CCTV will be installed on Tuesday.