AN accident in which a teenager broke his leg has prompted calls for action to make a Canvey road safer.

The boy, whose name has not been released, was hurt in a collision in Fairview, near Winter Gardens Academy.

The Echo understands the boy was on his way to meet his mother when the accident happened, on Tuesday afternoon, and had to have a metal plate fitted in his leg.

The accident has prompted Steven Cole, borough councillor for Winter Gardens, to push for a lower speed limit and extra road signs near the school.

He said: “I’m pushing for a 20mph limit on all major roads in Castle Point, particularly around schools.

“The problem is you have parents driving from all over to get here, people walking to school, and residents who don’t have a driveway, parking on the road.

“With weather like we’ve had, everyone is rushing around and accidents will happen.”

A dedicated left-turn lane from Hilton Road on to Link Road is set to be built and Mr Cole says he is working with the school to educate children on how to cross the road safely.

He said: “With the slip road, it will be a much-needed filter road and should help with the traffic.

“Winter Gardens will be leading with this and I will be speaking to the council and the police to take the children out and teach them how to cross safely.”

One resident is concerned cars parking close to the street’s junction with Link Road are also to blame.

Jodie Hunt, 43, a shop assistant, who lives Fairview, believes the road has become very dangerous during schoolrun times.

She said: “Kids are having to cross at the junction, because cars are blocking the view down the road.

“There are double yellow lines on Fairview’s bend from Link Road, but they don’t extend all the way along.

“This is the problem. The cars that park there belong to people who live and work elsewhere on the island.”