LUXURY apartments are expected to be completed in the spring as plans are made to regenerate Hadleigh town centre.

Work has started on seven apartments in London Road which will also have a three bedroom penthouse with a rooftop terrace.

The development, known as 32 East, is due to be completed by spring 2016 and it’s believed they could be rented out for about £800 a month.

Paul Walker, director of design and building company Black Card Design, said: “It’s a really up and coming area and it reminds us of east London when we started doing projects.

You go there now, and you’re completely surprised by how things have changed.

“There are a number of sites in the design stage, in planning or under negotiation by developers in Hadleigh.

“We hope 32 East will be the beginning of a new streetscape in Hadleigh which features high quality sustainable design.

“High-end apartments are in short supply and good quality rental property is very low in numbers. 32 East is based on a principle that has worked well in the emerging boroughs in London over the past few years.”

Interiors will include feature brick walls and each apartment will have a parking space and space for a bicycle.

Built on the site of a former car dealership, the development is separate from formal plans to regenerate Hadleigh, but Simon Hart, a member of the Hadleigh Members Liason Group, welcomed the build.

He said: “Hadleigh is hopefully a place where people want to move to and hopefully it will start moving along now.

“It’s coming along nicely.”

Plans to revamp the town centre with 65 flats, a tree-lined square and a new library were revealed in July with private meetings between developer Hollybrook and Castle Point Council taking place.