BUDDING archaeologists have been exploring Coalhouse Fort.

Coalhouse Fort Park and community archaeology project CITiZAN have joined forces with Seevic College to raise awareness of archaeology courses at the college.

A-Level Archaeology and Classics tutor Jamie Spracklen, Coalhouse Fort education officer, Hazel Sacco, CITiZAN archaeologist for training, Oliver Hutchinson and current Seevic student Con Green shared their knowledge with visitors to the college during an open evening.

Seevic is the only college in South Essex offering A-Level archaeology, and has a number of links with local archaeological groups and museums.

The first cohort of students enrolled on the course in September 2015.

Hazel Sacco said: “It was great to see so many students showan interest in the archaeology course. Seevic have a strong partnership with Coalhouse Fort Park and we are looking forward to teaching the students at Coalhouse Fort Park about landscape archaeology.”

The Coalhouse Fort Project started in the Eighties to maintain, restore and promote Coalhouse Fort – used to protect England from the French invasion and was used again during the First and Second World Wars before being closed in 1956.

The project is part of the Museum of London Archaeology.

Oliver Hutchinson said: “The project is proud to support Jamie and his team delivering an exciting, practical and interesting A-Level. The open day has been a fantastic opportunity to meet enthusiastic students and parents looking to study archaeology.”