A BUSY road will undergo £20,000 worth of improvements in a bid to slow down motorists.

Councillors have long campaigned for a zebra crossing and safety railings in Seaview Road, Canvey, at the junction with the High Street.

The council has now confirmed 20mph markings will be painted, and new yellow roundabout signs will be installed.

Bus stops will also be moved to improve visibility, and a dome will be placed over the existing mini roundabout in an attempt to slow down motorists who currently fail to give way at the junction.

Colin Letchford, independent councillor for Canvey East, said: “I’m pleased they’re doing something and reminding people it’s a 20mph zone, I just hope people take notice.

“There have been quite a few near misses and the way I see it, it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured down there.

“There’s so many school children walking along there, and another big problem we have is people parking on double yellow lines and obstructing the view for children when they try and cross the road.”

The works to the mini roundabout are due to take place in March 2016 following pressure from Ray Howard, deputy county councillor for highways.

The works, costing £20,000, will be funded by the Castle Point Local Highways Panel.

Mr Letchford added: “I would like to thank Ray Howard for his support in this matter and getting the improvements that have been approved.

“It’s disappointing we will not get the railings but due to people’s driveways going onto the road, it would not have been possible.

“I just hope people take notice of the signs.”

Essex County Council scrapped the school crossing patrol in Seaview Road, Canvey, outside Leigh Beck Infant and Junior Schools, in September 2014.