A CAT is looking for his furr-ever home after being overlooked for his colour.

Seven-year-old Frankie is currently being looked after by Purrs Cat Rescue which are based in Southend, Benfleet and Hornchurch.

Frankie has been fostered since October and the charity say he is one of their priority cases to find a full-time home for him.

A spokesman for the rescue centre said: " I am fostering Frankie in Southend at the moment and he's a very sweet cat, he's a gorgeous lad with such character and a handsome face. He's a mini panther with a little white tuft on his belly and - every morning, as soon as he knows I'm awake, he is ready for head rubs and a fuss - I think he loves lazing in bed as much as I do. He likes laps too and is a good boy and uses his scratching post."

The group say they have struggled to find a home for him because black cats are often not as popular as other colours.

It can be down to a number of things including superstitions about black cats or even just people wanting what they perceive to be a "pretty" cat.

Rescue centres across the UK have reported difficulties in getting black cats homed.

The spokesman added: "Frankie has a couple of things that might be hindering our search for a home, he's a black cat, who are often (inexplicably) the last cats to be adopted, he also isn't keen on others so would need to be an only cat - although we think he doesn't mind dogs. He isn't that relaxed about kids, so would need a chilled out adult only home. He is an affectionate cat, but doesn't like to be too overwhelmed - he came from a home where their child didn't like Frankie and he had to live outside until we took him in. As he's used to going out he'll need a safe outside space to hang out.In the right home, he will make a wonderful companion for someone as he really is a very sweet cat, if I could offer him the access to outside he needs (I live in a flat) I would be very tempted to keep him!"

Frankie has had all of his vaccinations, as well as flea and worm treatments. He is neutered and microchipped.

To find out more, or adopt Frankie, send a private message to the Purrs facebook page or go to purrscatrescue.org.