Activist and former Echo columnist Jack Monroe has said that she will be standing in June’s general election.

The blogger, from Southend, has not yet announced which party she will stand for. On Twitter she said it will be for “the people who currently feel unrepresented, the poor, the disenfranchised, the let-down.”

Her priorities will include healthcare, services for people with disabilities, living standards, jobs and decent homes.

The writer Tweeted: “I will let myself be led by the issues that people feel are important, rather than make assumptions.”

Up until 2015, Ms Monroe had been a Labour campaigner for ten years - speaking out about poverty in Britain. In 2015, she posted a membership letter for the Green Party on social media site Instagram, captioning the image: “It was kind of inevitable after the ‘Labour gets tough on immigration’ speeches, and been a long time coming.”

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