I HAVE nothing against Rylan Clarke - but he literally is everywhere at the moment.
In fact, he is almost the male equivalent of his Big Brother partner-in-crime Emma Willis who, not content with presenting radio shows, reality shows, talent shows and even the Brits this year popped up on an advert for women’s razors the other day.
Now I am a fan of hers, as I have previously said, but she is in danger of over doing it.
People will be sick of her soon. It is a genuine worry.
The same can be said of Rylan who currently props up the sofa with Holly and Phil on This Morning imparting showbiz gossip, presents Big Brother of a celebrity and non-celebrity variety and has now been given that televisual Holy Grail - his own quiz show.
Unfortunately it is not really a quiz show.
It is more of a game of chance show bearing more than a passing resemblance to Deal or No Deal.
Right from its annoying Russian-style theme tune, Babushka is nothing short of frustrating.
The questions - true or false - are just not very challenging and it is very hard for the contestants to hang on to any money they find inside the dolls of the title.
And this is through no fault of the contestants - it is just a total game of chance which ends with them having the opportunity to double their money, or leave with nothing, by choosing between a gold or black doll.
I am not a massive fan of these sort of shows that essentially invite you to gamble.
Even in Deal or No Deal you get the chance to stop when you have earned a certain amount of money - in this one there is no olive branch offered, even the money they bank is taken away if they go on to encounter an empty doll.
And whereas he is usually amusing and cheeky, Rylan’s faux commiserations are just grating.
There are only so many times he is going to be able to say ‘I’m so sorry, I have got to take all your money off you now’ before I stop believing he is actually sorry.
Which is a shame because he is quite a good presenter when he is on other things - there is a lot to be said for just being yourself and Rylan does this well.
He has never made any apology for himself and that is a good strategy.
But if I were him I would stick to reporting on the shenanigans of has-been celebrities and desperate wanna-bes in the Big Brother house.
Ditch the babushkas Rylan, they’re letting you down.