DOGS Trust advert voiced by Martin Clunes was filmed at Dogs Trust's Wickford base.

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, launched its new television advert to raise awareness of the plight of the thousands of unwanted dogs in the UK.

Despite being hailed as a nation of animal lovers, the charity revealed they receive 35,000 calls each year from members of the public looking to give up their dogs.

The advert was filmed at the Wickford-based charity and features staff from the rehoming centre on Nevendon Road.

Voiced by actor Martin Clunes, the advert depicts a rescue dog and his balloon counterpart embarking on a dramatic journey to find a loving owner.

To celebrate the launch, Dogs Trust has crafted balloon versions in the likeness of seven adorable Crossbreed puppies at Dogs Trust Basildon.

Ahead of the finals this weekend, the pups are named after past Wimbledon champs; Staffie Graf, Pup Sampras, Boris Barker, Andre Wagassi, Venus Woofiams, Maria Shar-Peiova and Roger Furderer. Luckily, the pups have all found their ‘perfect match’ ahead of the weekend.