KITE enthusiasts enjoyed a festival celebrating all things aerial.

The Essex Kitefest and Family Show took place at Barleylands, in Billericay, at the weekend.

There were three arenas with free entertainment from kite fliers.

Allan and Marilyn Pothecary have been flying kites for more than a quarter of a century and have held British dual and quad line titles in Team, Pairs and Individual kite flying.

Visitors were able to watch their colourful and spectacular kite flying in the main arena. In between the shows, people could also look at their bright collection of kites which come in all shapes and sizes.

They were joined by kite flying friends who also took part in the demonstration.

In another arena, Jez Avery performed all his own tricks and stunts on four wheels, two wheels, one wheel, and the rollover quad.

His shows included wheelies, stoppies, two-wheel driving, drifting, doughnuts and precision driving - all while delivering his own unique commentary.

Professional Aerial Performers Above and Beyond performed in the third ring, with solo and duo performances using the trapeze, rope, silks, hoops and acrobatics to keep everyone entertained.

As well as the main ring attractions, there was also an old time funfair, donkey rides, giant inflatables, water balls, a simulator and more.