The Dartford Crossing has its many undesirable aspects, but one major issue was revealed to be of much greater concern than any other.

Following a poll taken by 20,000 people, 12,169 (61 per cent) said that they needed longer to pay the toll charge.

Since the toll booths were removed three years ago, motorists have been able to pass through the tunnel and over the QE2 bridge without needing to get their purse out.

But, motorists are still expected to pay to use the crossing. Now, they are told to pay online by midnight the following night.

This means motorists have anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to pay their toll charge.

But 61 per cent of motorists are displeased with this system and believe it needs to be changed.

A whopping 3.5 million motorists were fined between November 2016 and November 2017 because they failed to pay the fee in time.

It is easy to forget a minor task such as paying a toll charge when you are busy, but there is an option for people who frequently use the crossing.

Motorists can set up a Dart Charge account on the UK government website which automatically takes a fee from their bank account, at a reduced rate, after clocking their licence plate.

The poll, conducted by airport parking firm,, also found that 20 per cent of poll takers wanted improved signs providing clearer instructions on how to pay the charge.

It also found that almost 3,000 motorists (15 per cent) wanted the toll booths to return.

A small proportion of motorists (3 per cent) believed that the news system is good and that motorists should take the blame for their fines.