A mum is raising money to help give her very poorly son a joyful Christmas.

Emma Rumsey, 27, of Redgrave Road, Vange, has been working hard to support her four-year-old son Bill who was born with hypothalamic hamartoma- a rare brain tumour which causes constant seizures.

He was diagnosed with the condition when he was just 18 months old after suffering up to 30 seizures a day.

Bill, who also has autism, had surgery in September at Great Ormond Street Hospital to have the tumour removed and has since been seizure free.

Emma said: “He hasn’t had any seizures so far, but after the surgery his kidney glands were damaged so now he needs to eat through a tube. We need to measure what he eats everyday.

“My partner, Brian, get very depressed because of Bill’s condition. He’s getting better now. He is caring for Bill full-time, while I’m looking for work. I also care for my mother too.

“Since the surgery we’ve been going back and forth to the hospital each week for further tests. Sometimes it’s just to drop off a urine sample. The trips to the hospital, and parking costs, has been very costly.”

Emma is now hoping to raise £1,000 to help give Bill have the best Christmas ever, as well as for further hospital trips.

She said: “His autism means he has little to no understanding of why the nurses are taking his blood and hurting him or why he has to stay in hospital.

“Bill has spent a lot of time screaming and crying, I am heartbroken from it all.

“So with everything that has gone on, I would like to make Bill’s Christmas a great one and cover any more costs for hospital travel and parking.

“Each Christmas has been hard on us all with how poorly Bill gets with the cold weather.

“But this year I’m determined to make things better,

“I’m determined to make Bill smile more!

On top of caring for Bill, Ms Rumsey has three other children to look after. While they do not understand the severity of their brother’s condition, but they know that Bill is in pain.

She said: “Bill is OK now, but he needs to be assessed for six months.”

To support the family, please head to gofundme.com/4mkt0ug