a drugs gang face sentencing next month after the trial of a key member.

Cocaine and cannabis worth £1.3million were involved in the operation that stretched from Clacton to West Essex.

Alan Farra, 47, of Severn Road, Clacton, was convicted after a 14-day trial. He will be sentenced later, along with seven others who admitted a series of charges at earlier hearings.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how a high level surveillance operation was launched after nearly half a kilo of cocaine was found in Peter Bark’s car on the A133, near Weeley, on March 2, last year.

It ended with nine people in custody and a haul of cocaine, cannabis and cash worth £1.3million.

Police started their probe after they examined Bark’s phone. Names and numbers in the memory were checked and officers gathered photographic evidence over the next three months.

James Dawson, prosecuting, said analysis of telephone records provided evidence of involvement.

A surveillance operation showed those involved at various locations in Clacton, including West Road, Lymington Avenue, Severn Road and at a car park in Gorse Road.

Police later discovered the garage at Elaine Shea’s home had also been used to reduce the quality of cocaine An industrial unit at the Nazeing Glassworks site was also searched by police and nearly half a kilo of cocaine was found, along with 200 kilos of cannabis resin and 93 kilos of herbal cannabis.

A series of arrests were made after raids at addresses in Clacton and west Essex in June last year. After a 14-day trial, Alan Farra was convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine between March 1 and June 30 last year. He was also convicted of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

David Cooper, 27, of Hendon Close, Clacton, was cleared of conspiracy to supply cocaine. He admitted being involved in the conspiracy, but said he would not have got involved if he knew cocaine had been involved.

Simon Newman, 46, of Tenpenny Hill, Thorrington, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis and possessing criminal property.

Gregory Morgan, 45, of Oakmead Road, St Osyth, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to money launder.

Tracey Chapman, of Beche Road, Colchester, admitted conspiring with her partner Gregory Morgan to money launder.

Peter Bark, 47, of Windmill Park, Clacton, admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

Elaine Shea, 52, of Plymouth Road, Clacton, was cleared of conspiracy to supply cocaine. She denied knowing about any drug-related items found in her garage by police, but admitted growing a small amount of cannabis for her own use and was fined £62.

Her husband Colin Shea, 53, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine and cultivating cannabis.

Ronnie Farra, Alan Farra’s son, was cleared of possessing cannabis with intent to supply. He did not give evidence during the trial, but told police the drugs were “down to his father”.

They will be sentenced next month.