Our council does some daft things, but this time it has surpassed itself.

In Glendale Gardens, Leigh, there is a small factory that used to export bikes and now houses Elm Works, Shabby Chic Furniture, Antiques and Flea Market.

There are nine stall holders, with room for more and applications waiting.

All are trying to cope with the recession, some making their pensions go a bit further and a variety of people willing to work. The extended family of six are all dependent on the income in some way.

They have been there since November and only now people are beginning to know where it is.

The footfall has improved over the past few months and takings, while not wonderful, are enough to keep everybody optimistic.

Now, at a stroke, our council has removed the livelihoods of all those people.

And why? It has just approved an application, irrespective of objections, to open a dance school for about 600 kids.

Think of the congestion and noise when parents drop-off and collect their offspring.

The Emporium is closed by night, a dance school functions at night.

This is a semi-residential, quiet street. Parking is difficult.

The spy car will have a field day!

The building needs extensive repair and of course the applicant has undertaken to do all repairs and improvements.

There is no electricity in half the building, the central heating is on its last legs and the roof is in a pretty bad state.

Andree Hobbs
West Road