AN EDUCATION watchdog says the failing Basildon Academies is not “making enough progress” in trying to get out of special measures.

Ofsted released its monitoring report on the school yesterday after making visits to the Upper and Lower Academies in January.

It criticised teaching, the behaviour of pupils and leadership at the failing school and said urgent attention was needed in regard to the Sixth Form, where a lack of subject specialists has led to students underacheiving.

It also reported a lack of effectiveness on the governing body, which is chaired by Les Livermore who earns £60,000 a year.

In his report inspector Adrian Lyons said: “The academy is not making enough progress towards the removal of special measures.”

He also found “the pace of improvement has not been rapid enough”. He added: “There is still too much teaching that requires improvement, mainly because teachers’ expectations about how much students can achieve in a lesson are too low.

Parents also believe slow progress is being made to turn the school around.

Alison Cunningham whose son Bradley Jarrett, 16, attends the sixth form, said: “I know a lot of the sixth formers aren’t happy with how things are progressing. There is a clear lack of leadership at the school and I find it amazing that there isn’t a more urgent approach from teachers and those in charge. The students are suffering because of their failings.”