COUNCIL bosses have begun laying a temporary road to allow machinery on to Dale Farm to smash down an asbestos riddled building.

The road, reminiscent of that used to allow bailiffs on in October 2011 to clear the illegal site, will give access to contractor’s vehicles to demolish the industrial building abandoned by the Hegerty family who used to live on the site.

The Hegerty’s were ordered to do the work last year, but refused and the council will seek to bill the family for the work.

A sewage pipe illegally pumping raw sewage from the neighbouring legal site into a ditch will also be disconnected.

Council leader Tony Ball, said: “The council issued formal notices and reminders last year, however these have been ignored.

“The council now have no choice but to act and do this work now to address the health issues and then seek to recover the costs from the landowners concerned.”