A TEENAGER was so moved by the plight of a Moroccan baby girl who desperately needs an operation he has vowed to raise the money for her surgery.

Justin Farrance, 17, spent his half term holiday in February working with orphans at the Enfance Espoire Baby Orphanage and street children in Marrakesh, Morocco.

There he met Hanane an 18 month old little girl born with webbed hands and feet and fluid on the brain, giving her a misshapen skull.

She was abandoned at birth in the hospital by her parents due to her disabilities.

Justin, a pupil at Southend High School for Boys, said: “Hanane was the most enthusiastic little girl despite her difficulties. When we took the children to the play room she was really trying to engage.

“It was the most inspiring thing about her, she has problems but doesn’t let it bother her.

“Her quality of life and prospects for adoption would be improved by having an operation on her hands and feet and scans to check her head.

“I said I’d raise the money and intend to go back in May with the estimated £1,800 needed.”

Justin funded the last trip through fundraising and savings from his part time job. He contacted Original Volunteers charity offering to help.

He was inspired to help others after his mum Gulin Farrance a business manager at Appleton School in Benfleet, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Justin, of Ashurst Avenue, Southend, said: “It was the most amazing trip ever , it was life changing. It put my whole life in perspective. “Just talking about it and people have donated £500. I’ll also be holding fundraisers like a curry night and coffee morning.”

If you can help Justin raise the money for Hanane’s operation please email justinfarrance@hotmail.co.uk