A COUNCILLOR has hit out at plans for a new river crossing to the east of Thurrock.

The Government has launched a consultation asking residents to choose one of three options.

John Purkiss, who represents East Tilbury, said he feared the area could face years of misery if a new crossing was built in his ward.

He said: “In four to seven years’ time East Tilbury was hoping to be free of lorries, with Cory and Walsh finishing.

“But now, unless we put forward a strong protest, more years of misery are to come.

“Thurrock residents should be looking forward to walking or cycling from Tilbury Fort to Coalhouse and on to the new nature park, but instead they could be looking up to a bridge and crossing a motorway which can be seen for miles.”

Transport minister Stephen Hammond said there is great demand for a new crossing.

The cheapest option suggests a new route close to the current one.

Another suggests a new crossing passing through Grays Beach Park and between the docks, Asda Tilbury and the Thurrock Park estate to the Dock Approach Road.

The final option would cross the river between Tilbury and Coalhouse forts then through green belt land, before crossing the A13 at the Orsett Cock.