CASH to alleviate congestion on Canvey could soon be found, according to a leading councillor.

The £18.5million Roscommon Way extension, linking Northwick Road to Haven Road, was officially opened in December 2011, promising to bring more jobs to the island and fewer traffic jams.

The final phase of the extension between Haven Road and Western Esplanade is yet to receive the green light for funding, but councillor Ray Howard says he is hopeful the money will soon be found.

He is hopeful South East Local Enterprise Partnership will hand over a grant in its next round of funding, in July.

Mr Howard said: “A lot of hard work went in on behalf of our submission and the bid for various strategic locations in our borough.

“It was gratifying to see that they had recognised an investment to have access to Canvey.

“I have to say I was disappointed the last phase of Roscommon Way on Canvey was not included and I did feel particularly disappointed because I know everyone who goes to Canvey in the evening knows the congestion in Soames Avenue and Canvey Road.”

Mr Howard says he and county councillors Rodney Bass and Kevin Bentley hope the Roscommon Way extension will be considered.