A COUPLE are appealing to find the driver who rammed their car and sped off.

A 40-year-old woman, from Leigh, was driving to work in Rayleigh on Tuesday morning when she was hit from the side as a car tried to leave Rayleigh railway station.

As the woman got out of her car to exchange details with the driver, the car sped away up Crown Hill.

The incident occurred at 7.45am, leaving the driver shaken but unhurt. However, her car will need work to fix damage to the nearside panels.

The driver’s husband Matthew Holland, 45, said: “It left my wife quite shaken up and distressed.

“It’s not necessarily the damage that was done, but more the principle of them driving off.

“If we can’t find the person, then we’ll be liable for paying out on our insurance, which just isn’t right, so we’re hoping someone may have seen it happen.

“My wife was shaken at the time and as the car drove off she didn’t get a chance to see the number plate.”

Mrs Holland was waiting at the traffic lights at the bottom of Crown Hill and had left a gap for cars to get out of the station.

The lights turned green and she inched forward, following the cars in front of her, and glanced to her left to see a dark blue estate car stationary at the station exit.

Mr Holland added: “She saw the car there and it wasn’t moving, then the next thing she knew it had hit the rear of her car on the passenger side and sped away up Crown Hill.

“They were clearly impatient .”

Mr and Mrs Holland reported the incident to the police after their grey Toyota Verso was left dented and scraped.

Rayleigh police are seeking witnesses to the incident.

Anyone with information on the collision should call PC Andy Mullis on 101.