A COUPLE living on Canvey who have been continually flooded for 27 years say enough is enough and something has to be done.

Peter and Helen Watt live in Furtherwick Road at the junction of Western Esplanade on the seafront and their front and back gardens were swamped with water after the heavy rain.

The damage from the excess rainwater has got so bad the foundations of their house have been affected and they couldn’t even leave their home on Tuesday.

The couple have even tried using sandbags over the years to stop the water coming up but it didn’t work- the water was about a foot deep in the middle of the road on Furtherwick Road and about half that in the front gardens.

Mrs Watt, 66, said: “We have lived here for 27 years and the first time it flooded it was a big shock because we had no idea.

“You didn’t have to give out that kind of information in those days. We have heard so many times that the council will do something about it but it has never happened.

“It is very frustrating and it can really get you down because it’s just the same thing every year. Our front and back garden was completely swamped this time and we couldn’t leave the house without putting on a pair of wellies.
“Our house is the most low lying in the area and we seem to be the worst effected each time.”

Mrs Watt explained that the speeding cars going up and down the seafront just added to the problem and filled her front garden with more water.

She added: “When the cars speed past the spray comes into the garden and this adds to the amount of water. The water then goes through the air vents at the bottom of the house and under our floorboards and it takes months to dry out, the smell is just awful.

“Enough is enough and we just want to see something done to help the people living here.”