FEARLESS pub workers will swap pulling pints for parachute cords when they take to the skies to raise money for charity.

Jess Harris, 28, Sam Golding, 32, and Holly Bailey, 23, who all work at the Bread and Cheese pub, in London Road, Benfleet, will be taking part in a charity sky dive in the New Year.

However, the attempt in January will be a case of third time lucky for the brave trio.

Their previous plans to throw themselves out of a plane have been scuppered by bad weather on two separate occasions.

Assistant manager Sam said: “We got up there last time and we’re ready to go, we’d done all the training then they said we couldn’t do it.

“You get yourself all geared up for it then you’re told due to the weather you can’t, which is a shame.”

All funds raised by the team will be donated to Children with Cancer and Help for Heroes.

Chefs Ryan Harvey, 18, and James McMillan, 21, have already made their contribution to the fundraising drive by having their legs waxed.

The hairy pair’s efforts have helped the team to raise more than £1,300 so far, but they hope that by the time the ladies have done the sky dive the total could be as much as £2,000.

Sam added: “We’ve not done one before, but us girls thought ‘why not do a sky dive’. I don’t think the boys knew what they were letting themselves in for with the leg wax.

“They were in so much pain and their legs were very hairy so they were a bit red for a couple of days.

“Everyone’s been really supportive, a lot of our regular customers have sponsored us and we’ve got pots on the bar. Our friends and family have all donated too.”

To support the workers and make a donation visit www.justgiving.com/breadand-cheese