KAPOW! A tiny robin has been causing chaos in a supermarket this Christmas.

The red-breasted feathered friend has been flying in and out of Morrisons on Northwick Road, Canvey, bringing delight to shoppers but causing a health and safety nightmare for staff.

So the Echo stepped in and sent along robin’s best friend, Batman, to the store to see if the caped-crusader could help entice the birdie down.

Batman arrived at dinner-dinner-dinner time and while he brought a smile to the face of shoppers, management were less impressed and wouldn’t allow Gotham’s finest crime-fighter in to rescue robin.

Although when our elusive superhero removed his mask and went in undercover he saw that the store had set up a number of cages to try and trap the troublesome bird.

Layne Hendricks, 51, of Lionel Road, Canvey, said: “I was doing my weekly shop when I saw a little robin drop down and sit on the tins in front of me. I was very surprised and so was everyone else in the aisle.”

Terry Greenland, 65, said: “It is a very festive story. We need a superhero to save the robin before any harm comes to it. We need someone to save the day.”

Flora Floid, 86, said: “We should look after our robins. We need to make sure they are safe, especially at Christmas.”

But for Morrisons the bird is no joker. A spokesman said: “Any pest in a store poses a risk to food safety.

We are doing everything possible to discourage the robin from flying into the store.”