TRADERS battling a rising tide of “mindless vandalism” are calling for more police patrols to deter yobs.

It follows a spate of attacks in Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff which has seen the windows of three businesses smashed.

The most recent victim was Sainsbury’s Local which was attacked on Sunday night causing more than £300 of damage.

Attacks have also been carried out recently on the Southend Blind Welfare shop and Paparazzi restaurant.

Simon Brown, manager of Sainsbury’s Local, said: “It’s mindless vandalism, smashing windows for the hell of it. "

Debbie Mann , manager of the Sue Ryder shop, was repeatedly burgled last year. She said: ”I think we don’t see an awful lot of the community police down here, so that would help. Apart from that I don’t know what else we could do. "