Why has G4S had so much trouble recruiting security guards for the Olympics? Do we not have untold thousands of unemployed, champing at the bit to work?

I have two very presentable, intelligent, polite, well brought up, reliable, desperate to work grandsons.

One is on his university summer recess, and the other in his last year of sixth form college.

They both speak fluent English. Why were they not offered the employment? It has been a never ending round of distributing CVs to every retail outlet in the area, trying to get a job, all to no avail. Yet there were apparently all these unfilled vacancies just waiting to be snapped up. The reason for this oversight was, of course, the contract to fill these positions was handed out via the old boys network, as always. My oldest grandson who is 20, volunteered to work at the Olympic stadium for free, and got the job. Unfortunately, when he discovered he had to pay his own fares which are prohibitive from Hockley, it was not viable. He just could not afford it.

Why were these jobs not advertised at universities when it was known personnel would be needed?

They seem to have managed to recruit many people who cannot speak the language adequately, when they could have had other youths doing the job and presenting a friendly, enthusiastic face to the visitors attending the Games.

When will we learn everything is not about how much money can be made from it? I despair.

Mrs Beryl Happe

Uplands Road