Gymnastics: South Essex Gymnastics Club sent 59 gymnasts to compete in the Essex County Recreational Grades One to Six.

These grades took place across two weekends.

The first weekend saw Ruby Rose Carr, Elizabeth Phillips, Olivia Church, Millie Gutch, Illiana Rivers, Chloe Allen, Emily Hillwood, Melody Barton, Katie-Rose Hawtree, Daisy Legg, Harriet Fuller, Alyssa Price, Amber Rea Daniells, Laney Shipman, Elisha Stevenson, Katherine Knatchbull, Georgia Stuart-Evans, Isabelle Ebsworth and Bella Bailey all compete and pass grade one.

In grade two, Kristi Mia Walker finished in the silver medal position finishing with a total score of 49.20.

Also competing in grade two was Louisa Williams, Francesca White, Tegan Partis, Ellie Dorman, Olivia Woods, Isabel Dowson, Sophie Cleaver and Macey Marra.

Grades three to six then took place the following weekend.

In grade three, Cleo Edgell finished in second position overall with a total score of 48.35 in the 11+ age group, also in this age group was Rebecca Lacey, Katie Holmes, Megan Watts, Tiger Lily House, Rebecca Armstrong-Payne and Ellie Oakes.

In the 9-10 age group Catllin Collins took the silver medal with a total score of 48.90. Also competing was Imogen Dorili, Rianna Gazzard and Grace Feeney.

In the grade four competition Annabelle Baker finished second with 50.05 and Jasmin Carr finished in third place with a total of 50.00.

Also competing in this grade was Kayleigh Ganney, Francesca Taiani, Daisy Dumontier-Marrage, Evie Ridges, Olivia Beech, Jaden Acton, Isabelle Urand, Brooke Fuller and Lucy Cowman.

In grade five Shelby With came third overall with a total of 47.85, also competed was Maisy Cockerill and Maise Spence.

In grade six Anna Kisil came second overall with a total of 45.50 and Ellie Cowell came third with a total of 45.45.

Also in this grade was Emma Hounsell, Bethan Turvey, Lauren Hill and Jodie Scales.

All 59 South Essex girls that competed passed their grade with distinction, which was a huge achievement.