I’ve had the sort of week where all social media apps had to be deleted from my phone. They can be dangerous when you are feeling slightly hard done by!

The FA Trophy postponement at Egham Town on Tuesday was just the beginning and by no means was it the worst hand I have been dealt this week.

Of course, it’s no good deleting social media and then unleashing everything in this form so, once again, the lip is being bit……hard!

It’s safe to say that when Mildenhall Town goalkeeper Sam Roach came up for a corner in the 95th minute and scored with a bullet header it pretty much summed up how things have been going.

For 94 and a half minutes our players fought and scrapped for everything and looked like earning a gritty 1-0 win, which is the best kind of win if you ask me.

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s hard to find the right words after the game. How can I be critical of my players who have worked so hard for me and the team?

I try not to ever use the excuse of bad luck. We have to be accountable. Could the goal have been prevented? Yes. If we had managed the game better Mildenhall wouldn’t have won the corner they scored from. But still……how many times will you read ‘goalkeeper’ and ‘bullet header’ in the same sentence?

In the FA Cup, there were no such problems for Billericay Town! They are the last remaining Essex team in the FA Cup. What an achievement that is. I hope they can negotiate the replay with Leatherhead and keep the flag flying high for the county in the competition.

For us, it’s back to Egham tonight for another go...

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