Wrong selections, picked too many out of form and tired players. Use the squad. Expect three or four changes at least on Tuesday against Coventry.


Passive, spineless performance in the first half. Brown deserves part of the criticism for picking the same team yet again.


Only started in the second half, too little too late. First half was shocking. Fortune was only creative spark and got taken off.


Not acceptable. Team needs a shake up. Wordsworth has been lazy lately. Play-offs a fading dream.


I look at the whole bench and would’ve started them. Unchanged line-ups can be easily prepared for tactically by the opposition.


Absolutely rubbish. The wrong subs were made. It shouldn’t take a whole half and two goals to actually start playing properly.


Very disappointing result. Need more width. We go again Tuesday.


Would like to see White at right-back. Give Amos a chance. McLaughlin starting plus Ranger and/or Robinson.


Coventry is the game to mix it up. Needs freshening so give fringe players the chance where regulars are not delivering.


Bring in Amos, Ranger and McLaughlin for Tuesday.


What’s Phil obsession with subbing Fortune?  Only player to create anything in the first 40 minutes then off. Ridiculous.


Bring White in at right back, Amos in for Timlin, McLaughlin for Atkinson and either Ranger or Robinson for Fortune.


Poor starting 11, poor changes. Need to be playing second half performances from the start.


Yet again Wordsworth gets to play full game despite not delivering. Failed to tackle for their first goal and his woeful pass led to the second.