Our linguists have been ‘performing’ in the Have Your Say competition, which requires competitors to demonstrate their prowess in speaking a modern foreign language.

With somewhere over a 1000 competitors at the outset, 30 boys from SHSB had qualified at the semi-finals hosted here, and were set to progress to the Essex & Suffolk finals in Colchester.

The finals involved 300 pupils from the two counties, and the SHSB contingent managed to secure no fewer than six different ‘podium positions’.

Josh Hegarty & Aarib Rajulawalla, both of 8ST1, came first in the Year 8 Spanish competition; whilst Michael Smithson & Daniel Weaver of 7ST3, Samir Motin & Nicholas Wright of 7ST1, Liam Hough & Joseph Palmer of 10EA3, each took a second place; and the teams of Nicholas Feather & Tim Gale of 8ST1, Oliver Dobkin, 10ST3, & Saigeet Eleti, 10EA2, both managed a ‘bronze’.