BLOOD was spat on a police officer while another was punched as they attempted to arrest a man in Westcliff, a court heard.

Giles Carter is alleged to have attacked the two officers in Westcliff after they were called to an incident at an address at roughly 1am in the morning.

Carter, 47, of Ronald Park Avenue, Westcliff, denies two counts of assaulting an emergency worker and is standing trial at Basildon Crown Court.

Yesterday, the jury heard that the the male and female officer had been called to the address in Westcliff, and made the decision to arrest Carter for questioning.

Prosecuting, Mark Hunsley told the jury Carter had refused to co-operate with the officers who then tried to restrain him.

It is alleged that Carter then punched one officer before spitting blood on the other.

He said: “One of the police officers had been outside with Mr Carter. He believed he was under the influence of alcohol. He made comments to the effect of ‘If I get nicked, there will be trouble’.

“When another PC came out and told Mr Carter he was to be arrested, he was not willing to cooperate.


“Mr Carter swung a fist and struck him to the face.

“There was a further assault as he continued to resist, leading to officers to use force on him to get him under control.”

Mr Hunsley said when Carter was taken to the floor, he punched an officer again in the face during the struggle.

The female officer then came out of the address and tried to help her colleagues.

Mr Hunsley continued: “He saw the officers and spat at the PC and blood and spit landed on her radio and arm.

“The officers did eventually manage to get Mr Carter under control and placed him in a police van after a few minutes.”

Giving evidence, the female officer said Carter had also spat on her face, and that he had sworn at her and her colleagues.

The court heard Carter had allegedly shouted that he had “done f*** all” while being restrained.

Mr Hunsley told the jury that Carter has not been charged with anything prior to the alleged incident with officers.

The trial continues.