AN ACTRESS from Westcliff best known for TV period drama roles has sadly died.

Anne Stallybrass reached audiences across 70 countries as the wife of shipping lane founder James Onedin on the BBC show The Onedin Line.

In the show, which Anne starred in from 1971 to 1972, her character teaches James' shipmate, Baines, to read and write.

Anne, who was born in Rochford, left the show after two series over fear of becoming typecast and longong to return to her love of theatre.


Anne was born to Edward Stallybrass, a Bank of England clerk, and Annie.

Her paternal great-grandfather, also called Edward, was a missionary who worked among the Buryat people of Siberia.

The family was evacuated to Hampshire during the Second World War, then moved to Westcliff where Anne attended St Bernard’s Convent School before studying drama at the Royal Academy of Music (1957-60), graduating with its gold medal.

She debuted in the Rookery Nook show in 1960 at the Palace Theatre in Westcliff.

Anne is survived by two nieces and one nephew.