TWO tattoo artists with 25 years of experience are set to open a new tattoo parlour and will be offering free tattoos to loyal customers.

Terry Coker, 52, is the owner of the new store, Chameleons Tattoo Parlour, which will open in Thundersley later this month.

He had previously owned another tattoo parlour - which had the same name - in Dagenham from 2001 for nearly 20 years.

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And after a short break from the industry, Terry is set to return to tattooing after an opportunity arose to open a new store in 122 Hart Road, Thundersley.

While at the Dagenham store, Terry hired an apprentice at the time called Grant Mitchell.

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Grant worked at the Dagenham store with Terry right until the end, before Terry decided to move to Benfleet with his now wife Kerry.

Terry and Grant are now reuniting to restore Chameleons and open a new store in Thundersley.

He said: “We are very excited to reboot Chameleons.

“This is a very special time for us, and it means so much.

“It is great to have Grant joining me too as he is an amazing freehand artist with a fantastic portfolio.

“We do every style of tattoos between us all, and pride ourselves on a quality and a friendly environment.

“We are hoping to open on Saturday, February 18. We still have a fair bit to do, but we are on track.

Terry’s daughter Courtney will also be working at the new studio.

Customers will also be able to get piercing at the new studio.

The company have also put a promotion in place where they will be offering a free tattoo.

Terry added: “We are doing a promotion whereby we are offering a free tattoo of a chameleon, for a limited period, to act as a loyalty card.

“This gives the clients, that wear the chameleon tattoo, will forever receive ten per cent off any tattoos and piercing at Chameleons Tattoo Parlour.”

For details and terms and condition, find Chameleons Tattoo Parlour on social media platforms.