A MAN has been reunited with his dad’s ashes which he lost after downing six tins of Stella and five pints of lager during nine-hour seafront pub crawl.

Stan Blade took his dad’s ashes out with him to make a funny TikTok video of himself going posing on rides and attractions with the box on Saturday, March 18.

But the 39-year-old musician, who now lives in Leicestershire but grew up in Southend, bumped into a group of old mates and ended up getting drunk and losing the ashes – much to his step-mum Emma Hopkin’s fury.

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Thankfully, Stan has now been reunited with the ashes.

“A bin man had handed them into local police station who rang me after seeing it in the Echo,” he said.

“When Essex police ring you, you automatically think ‘uh oh what’s this about’.

Echo: Stan with the ashes before he lost them and (top right) with his dadStan with the ashes before he lost them and (top right) with his dad (Image: Stan Blade)

“The policeman said they had heard I was looking for my dad’s ashes.

“Turns out a road sweeper for the council had handed it in to them after finding it placed on top of a bin on the seafront.”

Mr Blade had posted a TikTok video appealing for help finding the ashes. In the video he ask’s his step mum: “Are you ready to see the funny side yet?”

@stanstoks Lost my dad’s ashes and step mums not happy ! #FindStansDad #stanstoks #stanblade #rip ♬ original sound - S T A N B L A D E !

She replied: ‘”Not really no, I’ve f***ing had those ashes for 12 years.

“I told you not to take them to the seafront. All you want to do is do things on TikTok.”

Mr Blade, whose father Stephen passed away in 2011 aged 60, says he is “very grateful” for the council worked who handed it in to the police and for everyone who shared the Echo’s story spreading the message.

Echo: Reunited - A relived Stan with the now-returned ashesReunited - A relived Stan with the now-returned ashes (Image: Stan Blade)

“The story went national; my dad would think he was famous now if he was still here,” he quipped.

“My step mum Emma has calmed down now and one I think she will see the funny side. 

“Me and family are all very happy and grateful to get him back. I can promised there will be no more outings with the ashes.

“Thanks again to everyone who helped.”