An urban explorer has re-visited a popular south Essex floating restaurant as it has been raised after it started “sinking” just days before Christmas last year.

The Miller and Carter restaurant at Lakeside Shopping Centre, in West Thurrock, started sinking just two days before Christmas, as it begin tilting into the water on December 23.

The restaurant, which appeared to be left untouched for months, has finally been raised after Lakeside confirmed a contractor was appointed to start the operation to raise the venue at the start of July.

An urban explorer, Urban Rock Dove, who took a look inside to see the condition of the submerged restaurant at the start of the year, has returned to the venue for another look inside after it has been raised.


In his first visit, UrbanRockDove found a Christmas tree still up and decorations placed "elegantly" around the ship.

Now, while a couple Christmas decorations remain, parts of the venue look "very different" with the tree removed.

The explorer tells his viewers the restaurant looks like it needs "tons of work" before it will be up and running again.

He told us: "The first thing you notice is the awful smell as soon as you enter the ship! The lower deck smells stagnant, mouldy and like sewage in some sections. The middle deck stinks of rotting food. 

"I'm glad that it has finally been raised as I was worried that the local wildlife would begin using it as a safe shelter only for it to be raised at a later date! 

"I remember startling some small fish that were inside the ship on the original explore when it was submerged. I just hope that none of them got trapped inside as it was being raised again."

When disaster struck last year, bosses said the steamer had started sinking due to "structural issues" and an assessment would take place in the new year.

No one was injured during the initial sinking incident but a large operation was undertaken to safely evacuate everyone onboard.

This summer, a spokesman for the shopping centre said: “Once able to [raise the restaurant], they will be able to report on their findings and assessments, which will enable us to make an informed decision.”

Lakeside has been contacted for an update on the future of the restaurant.