SOUTHEND United fans have their say on Saturday's defeat to Hartlepool United at Roots Hall.

Their number eight was class and the second and third goal was lazy defending. Whether you're leggy or not you still put take one of them out. The narrative is still MARTIN OUT.


Southend 2 Referee 3


Think maybe we deserved a point but equally didn’t leave feeling particularly disgruntled that we didn’t get one. Paid the price for being a little sloppy on the ball and a little lethargic off it. Still one man responsible for it all. Must mention their eight though, what a player.


First Blues game of the season for me after my holidays. Can’t fault the effort but tired legs and lack of options is already hurting us and that is down to the embargo and of course the chairman. Without reinforcements it will be a year of struggle.


Thought Jack Wood looked decent when he came on but both teams very equal, Mancini made the difference.


Can’t fault the effort of the players but reinforcements badly need. Mancini was by fair best player on the pitch , on to Friday night.


Twice in front but unusually poor defending and powder puff tackles gifted them the points. Hard to take but all down to clownshoes .Cant fault effort or desire but we need embargo lifted to bolster an already really good side.Should be four wins from four already but don't lose faith.


We were denied a nailed on penalty in the first half, which didn't help, and the ref was generally poor all game. That aside, the lack of depth is going to be a real issue going forward. The players are fatigued and it shows. It's only going to get worse, sadly. I fear injuries.


Great start again but we lost out in the midfield where they were much stronger. Taylor has been excellent this season so far but we miss him in the defensive midfield role to help protect our defence. We need the transfer embargo lifted next week to strengthen our very small squad.


Made a good start but unable to defend the lead. Need the transfer embargo to be lifted as we need more players as our team beginning to look tired. Their number eight Mancini made the difference, looks a very good player.


We’re already running on empty. When at full speed and pace, we were clearly more than a match for them - with both of our goals coming early in the first and second halves. As both halves wore on, we looked leggy, especially in midfield. One person alone at fault. Martin out.


All three goals were from mistakes due to a lapse in concentration. Massive difference between being fit and match fit, and it's now showing. Desperately need more players but will this be allowed?


Pre-season was non existent. If you don’t pay your bills, this is what you get. No properly fit


Pre-season was non existent. If you don’t pay your bills, this is what you get. No properly fit players (who cannot be blamed whatsoever). It’s ridiculously poor from the owner. One man to blame, and one man only. Martin Out.


Only one person to blame for the last two results and it’s not any of the players. Martin out The pressure on Martin needs to be started again ASAP. We have been letting him get away too easily recently.


An entertaining game that we should have won, but worrying how easily they came straight through our middle for all three goals. Most important fixture of the season now beckons on Wednesday away at HMRC. Martin out.