Since the sale of Southend United to a consortium headed up by businessman Justin Rees was confirmed in principle in October, the club has been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Today, fans are rejoicing as Stewarts Law has agreed a settlement with Southend United ahead of tomorrow's winding up hearing in the High Court following a "final" adjournment in May. 

However, the mood was very different last night when it was revealed the National League had told the Blues to pay £1million to prove they can start the next season.

Fans have been on a rollercoaster of emotions since the sale of the club as they wait for the Fossetts Farm deal to be agreed and the club takeover to finally be completed.

Here is a timeline of the major moments since the sale was confirmed.

October 3: Sale to consortium confirmed and £275,000 HMRC debt paid

October 20: Takeover deal completion date delayed for the first time from November 1 to November 17

November 9: Southend Council agrees to move the 500 homes planned for Roots Hall to Fossetts Farm land off Eastern Avenue.

November 17: - Southend United’s Extraordinary General Meeting. Sale still not complete but a ‘pre-condition of the purchase of the club’ is passed, Ron Martin says deal will be completed “soon”.

- Shrimpers manager Kevin Maher nominated for Freedom of the City for ‘incredibly work’ during turbulent times

November 25: Revealed Southend United was due in court on November 28 but case is adjourned by mutual agreement with nPower.

December 11: Southend United are fined  £2,850 by the Football Association after admitting to surrounding a match official.

December 19: Ron Martin and then- leader of Southend Council Tony Cox agree terms relating to the residential development of Fossetts Farm.

December 23: Christmas comes early for Shrimpers as contracts for the sale are finally exchanged between Ron Martin and the consortium. It is confirmed the sale is conditional upon Southend Council’s approval of certain property transactions that are required to facilitate the club staying at Roots Hall.

December 28: Southend United have transfer embargo lifted after 15 months.

January 25: Consortium host evening at Cliff Pavilion where they answer fans’ key questions around the future of the Blues. It’s revealed Southend United chief executive Tom Lawrence has joined the consortium.

February 15: Tony Cox reveals ‘six to eight-week’ wait for Fossetts Farm deal to be signed off, which would allow the takeover to be completed

February 26: Mr Cox anticipates due diligence will be completed by ‘late March or early April’

March 21: Kevin Maher receives Freedom of the City

April 2: Due diligence still ongoing. Fresh winding up petition revealed.

April 8: Stewarts Law, who issued the winding up petition, agree to adjournment of court hearing to May 15.

May 20: Change in Southend Council leadership puts Fossetts Farm deal under spotlight as Labour and Independent coalition continue to the ongoing 'due diligence' process.

May 15: Deal is not agreed before court date. The winding up hearing is adjourned for a further six weeks which is marked as "final". Petition will be heard on June 26.

May 17: Southend United placed under another transfer embargo by National League.

June 15: Southend Council leader Daniel Cowan reveals Fossetts due diligence "did not pass". Instead an alternative proposal has been made to Citizen Housing which would seek a return to the 2021 deal minus the stadium.

June 24: National League tell Southend United they must pay £1million to prove they can start the next season.

June 25: Stewarts agree settlement with Southend United ahead of tomorrow's winding up petition in the High Court and confirm they will ask the court to dismiss the petition.