In a first, sisters Claire and Nicola Redgrave from Basildon will compete together in the Miss Great Britain regional qualifier.

Claire, 27, and Nicola, 31, hope to share the Miss Essex and Ms Essex titles respectively, in the forthcoming Miss Great Britain Pageant Regional heat on June 9.

Changes to pageant rules in 2020 now allow different age groups to participate, creating a landscape for both sisters to potentially share the regional title.

In 2020, the introduction of the Ms category permitted ages 31 to 44, while in 2021, the Ms Classic category was extended to include competitors aged 45 and above.

But beyond the glamour, the sisters have a deeper agenda driven by personal experiences.

Nicola is no stranger to the contest, reaching the top 15 of the Beach Body round last year, an impressive feat considering her sustained battle with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder resulting from school bullying.

Claire has been locked in a different kind of battle since August 2023, as she has been grappling with complicated GP processes and several failed referrals in the quest for an autism diagnosis.

The process set her back, landing her at the beginning of a four-year waiting list.

But the sisters are using their platforms to advocate for self-confidence and easier accessibility to medical help for people with, or awaiting autism diagnosis.

Claire’s journey has propelled her to push for a change in ensuring more straightforward access to help.

Additionally, both sisters have also been fundraising for Cancer Research UK. Claire is preparing for a Race for Life event in May.

Simultaneously, Nicola is organising an auction for a replica Taylor Swift tour outfit she has crafted herself.

As June 9 approaches, all eyes will be on the sisters hoping to make history as the first sibling duo to win Miss and Ms Essex.