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Forgive us for trying to get home in the snow!

11:18am Monday 18th March 2013

Oh what silly people we are here in Southend.

Prove you're there for us

11:17am Monday 18th March 2013

MP David Amess has admitted he is against the closure of libraries in Southend. I think many of us totally support this view, but seriously ask what on earth he is going to do about it when his Conservative allies on Southend Council are hell bent on pushing ahead with these closures? The answer to this question is absolutely nothing, as Amess and James Duddridge are not interested in Southend, but only concerned in keeping their Parliamentary seats. In fact, the policies they have supported and pushed through this Parliament have inflicted untold damage on both our community in Southend as well as across the country. I only hope the residents of Southend realise this and will pay them both back at the next election.

Buried under blue bins

11:15am Monday 18th March 2013

I now have four blue bins – two delivered recently to add to those issued a few years back. When I inquired what to do with the old ones (which are still perfectly usable) I was told to retain them as spares.

Leave MP Amess alone, it was only a tongue-in-cheek remark

11:13am Monday 18th March 2013

I think our letter writers are being a little unkind to Tory MP David Amess for his take on the other towns vying for some curious honour or other for being the most cultural centre in the UK. Them versus Southend-on-Sea.

Tony Tomassi's crucial role in auto club

12:29pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

I was saddened to learn of the death of Southend restaurateur Tony Tomassi.

Out of bounds on golf course

12:26pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

A lady recently complained on the letters page about the “grumpy green keepers” on Castle Point Golf Course, on Canvey .

Let's see more airport growth

12:24pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

With the tree huggers out in force because we need a third runway at Heathrow Airport, there is a simple answer to the problem.

Thorney Bay housing plan puts cart before the horse

12:21pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

At last week’s Castle Point planning committee, councillors were asked to approve an outline application for approximately 600 houses on Thorney Bay caravan site, Canvey .

Planes blast us awake every morning

4:12pm Monday 10th September 2012

I complained to the airport about noise and was sent a stock letter saying as I was 0.4 miles from the runway I should expect to hear and see aircraft.

Politicians will ruin Pitsea

4:10pm Monday 10th September 2012

I have lived in Pitsea for most of my life. Over the past 40 years I have experienced everything from road works to Tesco Extra and establishing the library and leisure centre.

Badges too hard for some

3:52pm Monday 10th September 2012

I agree with Dee Gordon and M Stokes. A person’s entitlement to a Blue Badge should be fully assessed and the application process did need to be tightened up to prevent fraud (September 6).

Councillors must be on a different planet to residents

3:45pm Monday 10th September 2012

With 600 new houses to be built on Canvey, I am now totally convinced this council is on a different planet. These houses will mean a minimum of 600 cars, but of course it will be suggested Jeff King will pay £18.5million to complete Roscommon Way (the road to nowhere), which according to Ray Howard will be the answer to all Canvey’s traffic problems. Anyone with an atom of common sense knows all traffic converges at Waterside Roundabout, the only exit from the Island. Jeff King plans to build a Care Home. Big deal. I would imagine this will be right next to the gas storage terminal. When the methane terminal was in use, and gas stored underground, there was a blanket restriction on building within a 1.5km radius. Now the Calor Gas plant stores gas above ground, which poses a far greater risk, houses already border this plant. Why will the council not reveal what is stored in the Oikos complex? Probably because it would cause mass panic. Councillor Norman Smith, who lives in Benfleet, said it would be better for the occupants of caravans to live in houses. Would he care to explain how they can buy one of these houses? The majority are on benefits and live there because they cannot afford to rent houses, let alone buy one. Now is the time for the residents of Canvey to stand up and be counted, and demand another exit road is built and the infrastructure updated. Until then, no more houses! Mike Brown
Leigh Road
Canvey ...Councillor Ray Howard said “I would rather see 600 homes at Thorny Bay than at the Dutch village”. Can he guarantee there will be no houses built on that site, or was that just wishful thinking? Mr B Dixie
Canvey ...Just how much does Castle Point Council care about its residents? Since I have been a councillor I have to sadly say, not a lot. On the planning committee the Conservative members were whipped into doing what they were told, not one even entered the debate. I think this showed lack of knowledge on issues of flood risk and hazardous sites, subjects of great technical know-how, which I believe they were very uncomfortable with. Did the council fail in its duty of care? Yes. The inducements mattered more, as it’s all about house bonus money from the Government. Christchurch Council has a policy of not developing flood risk areas. It really cares for its residents. Cllr Neville Watson

Why not employ youths?

11:44am Friday 20th July 2012

Why has G4S had so much trouble recruiting security guards for the Olympics? Do we not have untold thousands of unemployed, champing at the bit to work?

Act now to be heard later

11:42am Friday 20th July 2012

The planning application for the proposed development at Kiln Road/Wensley Road is to be considered at the Development Control meeting on July 31 (July 12). Those who have submitted written objections and who wish to speak at the meeting should not wait for notification from Castle Point head of planning.

Real poverty is here too

11:40am Friday 20th July 2012

I read Basildon Council is to set its agenda to cut services. Chief executive Bala Mahendran said “in Sri Lanka there is real poverty”. I worked as a welfare rights adviser, helping people claim benefits.

Committee 'had not read seafront museum report'

11:38am Friday 20th July 2012

I attended the meeting at which Southend’s seafront museum was approved.

High price of a trip to the cinema

2:22pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I GREW up in the Seventies when Southend had a choice of cinemas with the Odeon, ABC and the Classic.

No ultimatum to schools

2:21pm Thursday 19th July 2012

AS we come towards the end of the school year, I would like to congratulate schools and pupils across Basildon for the successes they have achieved over the past year.

Cliffs museum saga had killed off local democracy

2:15pm Thursday 19th July 2012

DO we live in a democratic Southend or not as far as the Cliffs museum is concerned?

Defending green belt, not green space

2:14pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I FIND it sickening that Basildon ’s Conservative administration vehemently defends any piece of green belt land, no matter its actual quality, yet continues to sell off huge chunks of our children’s parks and recreation grounds for housing development.

Museum is a big mistake

2:13pm Thursday 19th July 2012

IT is time Southend Council held up its hands and admitted it has it wrong about the Saxon artefacts being put on display at the proposed seafront museum.

Good for fire girl Samantha

2:12pm Thursday 19th July 2012

SAMANTHA Graham, 13, is showing a maturity beyond her years by refusing to shake hands with a fire chief who crossed a picket line (July 17).

No homes for 16-year-olds

2:07pm Thursday 19th July 2012

Bala Mahendren, chief executive of Basildon Council, made a number of politically biased comments about cuts in services (July 13).

Sincere apologies are given over the Sadlers disruption

2:05pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I WOULD like to express my extreme disappointment with Wednesday’s headline “Still no sorry over Sadlers” which is completely untrue and misleading.

The many reasons cliff museum plan Is flawed

1:41pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

There are many reasons Skipp thinks the Council’s plan to build a seven-storey business conference centre on the cliffs is flawed.

Sorry for spy car drivers

1:41pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I was really sorry for the spy car drivers when I read Southend Council’s spymaster, Andrew Lewis, complain they had found the motorbike protesters “extremely intimidating”, even though the bikers weren’t breaking the law.

Big thank you to young Jay

1:40pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I wish to say a very big thank you to the very nice young man who pushed my broken-down mobility scooter all the way home for me.

So bored with footie pundits

1:39pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Why do we have to endure 30 minutes or so of football punditry before a match begins on television, then a further 15 minutes at half time, and then more at the end?

NHS’s hidden GP agenda

1:38pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Was there some hidden agenda by the NHS information centre regarding GP surgeries’ data?

Why did the council ignore residents’ pool petition?

1:38pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I attended the Leisure Committee meeting last Tuesday at the Basildon Centre.

Too late for Labour’s immigration U-turn

1:37pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

After more than a decade of the Labour party crying “bigot” at anyone who dared to question its policy of mass migration, they have now turned tail and admitted it is “not bigoted”

Do something for the teens

1:35pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

All we hear in the papers or from the council and police is how much the crime level is going up and the main culprits are the teenagers in the town.

Sorting out our education

1:29pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Some of us are academic, at home behind desks.

Surprise at new museum

1:29pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Sorry to disagree with Rayleigh sage Chris Jones, but an awful lot of Southend residents will be surprised a new museum is going to be built in the Cliff Gardens, because they have not been properly consulted.

Once again, the Tories have snatched control of council

1:24pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I am very disappointed the 25 Tory councillors have snatched power from the 26 combined Independents, Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors.

There is a better plan for a museum

3:03pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

Today Southend Council seeks planning permission to build its much trumpeted structure on the slippage site along the seafront.

Cemetery’s bad name choice

3:02pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

I read Herongate Wood cemetery will be holding an Open Day on June 9.

Hinguar costs to council

3:01pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

Mr Shindler should get his facts straight about funding for the new Hinguar School (May 25).

Arrogance of road ministers

3:01pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

As the Echo stated, to continue to impose the Dartford Crossing tolls is a flagrant breach of the promise they would be dropped once the bridge was paid for (May 23).

Town voted for change

2:58pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

Councillor Graham Longley accused Martin Terry of attempting to justify the Independents in supporting the Tories and keeping them in power (May 25).

Enterprise stopped in quiet road for noisy dance school

2:57pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

Our council does some daft things, but this time it has surpassed itself.

Olympics overkill even closes the tip

1:00pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

For two days the security attending a few cyclists romping around Hadleigh’s Olympic track will be immense.

Pier facilities

1:00pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

At last we will have some sort of entertainment at the end of Southend Pier. But will there be sufficient toilets...

Dartford toll increases stink

12:59pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

People have become used to being ripped off by businesses, but it comes to something when our Government sinks to those depths.

Tax those who can pay it

12:59pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

John Haran questioned the need of a 21st century economic model for present circumstances, though the background is unchanged since the Thirties.

Education priorities

12:58pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

When I picked up my Friday Echo from the mat, my immediate reaction was "Nothing's changed".

Museum plan is expensive excuse for business centre

12:57pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

Southend Council wants to press ahead with a ludicrously expensive and highly inappropriate seafront business centre, masquerading as a museum.

We come second to the Olympics

2:05pm Monday 28th May 2012

It was great to finally read some positive news regarding the Sadlers Farm roadworks.

Who cares for the wellbeing of staff in our care homes?

2:04pm Monday 28th May 2012

The Echo reported this week as part of a national campaign, residents will be invited to the big care home conversation that will take part at Chelmsford County Hall.

The beginning of the end…

2:04pm Monday 28th May 2012

I have always liked Martin Terry, as a believer in both democracy and social justice.



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